As incredible as it sounds," says the regally named Nathaniel P. Ford, Sr., SFMTA's Executive Director, in this morning's glowing press release, "preliminary ridership reports show that Muni had over 117,000 additional boardings this weekend, which included three Giants games at AT&T Park and the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival in Golden Gate Park on opposite ends of The City."

Over 117,000 additional boardings? Oh my.

Anyway, Muni is patting itself on the back for the allegedly stupendous job they did over the weekend. The Muni love, you see, started on Friday when baseball and music fans were whisked away to their respective areas of concern, culminating on Sunday when drivers performed fellatio on each and every passenger. Or something like that.

But we're thrilled to hear that Muni is stepping up efforts - especially since no one, except a Getty, can afford a cab these days. But what say you readers, did Muni do a bang up job this weekend?

The full press release, for those of you who simply must, is after the jump.