Raw food cult/restaurant Cafe Gratitude will open a second (oh, my God!) fifth compound over at Mission and 18th streets, according to Eater. (Oh, be sure to read Evany's review of CG. It's chock full of chortles) Cafe Gratitude, in case you don't know, was started by Matthew Engelhart, who, ahem, "started training in the being of abundance in 1984 and today he is skillful at being able to keep his attention on all there is to be grateful for. His presence inspires us to be present to the endless beauty and bounty of life. What he shares isn't positive thinking, it is about developing the ability to go beyond our own petty wants and desires to connect with the grandeur of all of life." That is to say, no coke in the bathroom, foodies. Anyway, as soon as the City demands its own petty wants and desires from Engelhart, CG5 should open soon thereafter. (Eater)