We've been reading the Outside Lands coverage -- in particular, Akit's excellent roundup -- and we think we can distill this down to a couple key points:

- Good music, though a bit loud for the neighbors
- Park was trashed
- Fences nearly caused stampede, were eventually demolished by crowd
- Lines insanely long: for bathrooms, for beer, for admission, for exit, etc
- Bike valet parking by SF Bike Coaltion: very pleasant
- Muni experience: confusing, hazardously jam-packed, slow
- Overcrowding worst on Friday night; got better as weekend went on
- Nobody was directing the crowd to transit, so thousands of people wandered into neighborhoods, searching for buses home
- Muni's extra service wasn't being reported to NextBus -- Muni spokesman not sure why not
- Were there express shuttles that went directly to BART/downtown with no stops? Getting conflicting reports about that.
- No dedicated transit-only lanes, so Muni was stuck in car traffic.
- According to taxi dispatcher we spoke to, plans for cabs at for concert "got all fucked up."
- Number to complain to city: 311
- Number to complain directly to concert company: 415-387-1935
- "The Outlands" would make an excellent permanent nickname for the western end of the park. Begin using immediately.

Did we miss anything?