On Saturday night, Trannyshack -- San Francisco's longest-running, high-art concept drag revue -- bid us bye-bye. For now, anyway.

And what a night, huh? For those of you who eschewed the shoegazing/indie/whatever-thirtysomething-genre sounds emanating from Golden Gate Park lastnight, opting to check out Trannyshack's final party, you were richly rewarded with performances by Trannyshack legends. Fauxnique; Kiddie; Scissor Sisters' Ana Matronic; Precious Moments (whose performance included real-life, strap-on, gangbang anal sex-filled merriment [NSFW]); and, of course, Heklina turned the shit out. Thank you, Heklina, for changing San Francisco, the country, and the world from a quaint and smelly little nightclub in SoMa.

Here are just a few images from Saturday night's farewell, captured by award-winning photographer Darwin Bell. (To check out even more images from last night's gorgeous tranny torture, go here.)