Yes, Paris Hilton is a noted admirer of the species -- which then lead to their astounding popularity among Daly City teenage girls, at least according to an unofficial SFist survey conducted at the Serramonte Center on Saturday -- but that's hardly the dogs' fault. See, the Marin Human society needs your help. This last Friday they took in over 750 dogs, most of them Chihuahuas, according to CBS 5, found at an Arizona mobile home where their breeding proved too much to handle for an elderly couple.

More than 750 dogs, mostly Chihuahuas, were seized from the Arizona home where an elderly couple that bred the dogs for sale reportedly became overwhelmed trying to care for them and reported the situation to authorities, according to the Marin Humane Society. Officials with the Humane Society of Southern Arizona described the living conditions as the worst they'd ever seen.

Oh no!

But this is where you, dear dog-loving readers, come in: the Marin Humane Society has many of these poor little guys up for the taking. (Adoption forms can be found at the Marin Humane Society's site here.) And what better way to celebrate Jesus' alleged death and re-birth than by giving the gift of fun-size puppy love?

As always, pets are a part of the family, not furniture or accessories like children. Use caution when deciding to adopt, folks.

Update: Turns out the Marin Humane Society has more adoption applications than they know what to do with already. But if you're dying for some animal love, check out the local SPCA's shelter. Sure, the staff there is a bit, well, special, but their animals are just as in need of a good home.