Here's part two of our Reality TV locals round-up. You can read part one here.

Yay! Another season of "Top Chef," and it has an overwhelming four locals chefs competing this season. Let's meet them, shall we?

zoitc.jpgNext is Zoi Antonitsas, a "chef/consultant." Not sure if that means she consults with chefs, or is a consultant who cooks, but whatever. She talked about her style as being "softer," and she believes food is about experience and community. And, hopefully, eating.

jennifertc.jpgThird up is Jennifer Biesty, executive chef at Coco500, which she is proud to announce has three stars. She doesn't tell us from whom or what, though. Hey! We have three stars, too. Here they are right now: ***.

eriktc.jpgLastly is Erik Hopfinger, executive chef at Circa (warning: links to douchbaggy site that instantly plays loud music). He's very vocal about his opinions and how he wants things done. Also, to anyone who has dined at Circa: Is it as horrible an experience as that Web site makes it look?

And there were are a bunch of other chefs, but if you want to learn about them, you'll have to click here.