By Gordon Elgart (based on his Twitter entries)

Every year, we spend Saturday at WonderCon in Hall A, watching panels of filmmakers and actors prattle on about upcoming films, and show exclusive clips and trailers. This year, we kept a running diary. Ahem:

11:12 AM – We’re in a gigantic line for WonderCon. In the pre-registration line, which is significantly longer than the pay-at-the-door line. So glad we paid in advance.

11:35 AM – Hall A is super packed. People are holding entire rows. We did manage to get an acceptable place to sit, not too far from the panel, and with a good view of the screen.

12:00 – The 10,000 BC panel is starting. We’ve got director Roland Emmerich along with two actors we’ve never heard of. One guy, one girl. They’re both very pretty.

12:16 PM – Roland Emmerich is funnier than expected. No one seems to care about the cast.

12:30 PM – The Get Smart panel. The director is here, along with stars Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway. Now, these are movie stars.

12:45 PM – Every question so far has been for Steve Carell. He is, as expected, hilarious.

12:46 PM – Finally, the first question for Anne Hathaway: What’s it like working with Steve?

12:54 PM – Anne Hathaway comes across as really smart. She either is, or she’s really good at acting it.