Gavin: Nat is as frustrated as everybody else. We want change on the margins. Eliminating bus stops. The line I take down polk never has more than 10 people; It takes 10 minutes. We will eliminate bus stops.

Nat: This journey is complex, out of the box. Transformation process. Ontime performance, environmental issues.

Judy Kirshbaum: As program manager of Transit Effectiveness Project, I'll be doing more community outreach. Six more workshops coming up with public.

Our take on all this: it sounds like a good start. Eliminating stops is a great idea; eliminating entire lines would be even better. Muni's always tried to accomplish more than it's able to; and so just like anyone whose to-do list is unmanageable (or like Apple before the return of Steve), Muni needs to delegate some of its bloat to someone else, eliminate the bullshit, and focus on its core competency of moving people from one place to another.

But here's what we'd like someone to cut: lengthy, meaningless, buzzwordy speeches by officials that are just grandiose daydreams instead of specific promises. Just do the damn study, give us the damn findings, and then make the damn changes.