Are you exceptional in the visual, performing, film/video/media, literary, or fashion arts? Yes? Well, then, SF Weekly is giving away $2,500 with their Masterminds program to someone like you. Why? Who knows, exactly. But that's a lot of money, kids. (Do you know how long it takes to amass that much cash by swiping and selling new releases at Aardvarks? About four and a half years, more or less.) Behold:

Masterminds™ is a program developed by the SF Weekly to celebrate local artists. Our goal is to honor cutting edge work being done right now in the Bay Area. Any artists demonstrating commitment and a pioneering spirit to their craft are potential Masterminds™. A grant committee selected by SF Weekly’s editorial staff will select the winners.

Their highly-skilled panel of experts will judge that stuff you call your art, coming up with nominees to be featured in a future issue of the print publication. Read more about it here, and best of luck.

Okay, SFBG, your move.

Image credit: Donncha