Let's not think about that mauling incident or the possibility that one or both of the Dhaliwal brothers pissed into the tiger grotto, prompting the Christmas Day attacks. No, instead let's think about the bundle of joy born at the Zoo this past weekend: a little giraffe, right. Sure, it was yesterday's news, but the adorable image was just released, and the story wouldn't have been complete without it. All together now: aw.

Also, according to the Examiner, did you know that:

Giraffes give birth standing up, which is a drop of about 6 feet. Nature designed them that way to kind of give the baby a shock...Giraffes stand up immediately so they can escape predators in the wild.


In other news, Leanne is pregnant. No, not SFist Leanne, but the four-year-old Sumatran tiger over at the zoo. Read more about the single mother here.

Image credit: "courtesy photo"