We love us some Mary Lynn Rajskub. To the point of rushed-to-the-hospital exhaustion, really. If you know her work, you see that it's hard not to. Popular from her role as CTU techie geek Chloe O'Brien on 24, Rajskub is also known for playing one of Adam Sandler's sisters in Punch Drunk Love and part of the indie elite ensemble in . But we love her best from our initial introduction to her from Gilmore Girls as both a troubadour and Kirk's girlfriend. (The movie they made together was goddamn hysterical. Also: shut up. Save for the final season, Gilmore Girls had many, many fine moments.)

Now here's the best part, you can catch her tonight in her one-woman show "The Complications of Purchasing a Poodle Pillow," which also features Mosey improv with 30 Rock's awesome Scott Adsit (Pete!), for free. Simply enter your info below using our smurfy contest mechanism. If you win, you will be notified later this afternoon, informed of all the riches and glories waiting for you. If you don't win, well, how very sad you must feel.

But don't fret if you don't find the golden ticket, kids. You can still check it out for a mere $20. Pennies for what's in store for you this evening.

What: Mary Lynn Rajskub's "The Complications of Purchasing a Poodle Pillow"
Where: Tonight (Jan. 22)
Where: The Eureka Theatre
Time: 8 p.m.
Fee: $20

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