Did you think Tatiana would receive some sort of proper Christian burial after her death on Christmas Day? (You know, the attacks that took the life of Carlos Sousa Jr. and injured Grey Goose connoisseurs Kulbir and Paul Dhaliwal?) Well, you thought wrong. According to today's Examiner, Tatiana will not, in fact, be honored with a gravestone complete old Sicilian widows throwing themselves onto her coffin. Instead, her "body parts will be probed and preserved while the rest, including the tiger’s coat, have already been incinerated." Basically, some of her body parts--such as sections of the liver and heart--are probably in Ziploc baggies inside an SF Zoo freezer somewhere. And her coat? Is ash.


But before you alert Peta--do they even care what happens to animals they die?--this is what happens to all zoo animals when they go to animal heaven. (There is so an animal heaven!) Zoo officials are hoping, though, that Tatiana's bones and skull will "end up back at the zoo, where curators can show visitors for an educational experience." That way the big cat we all love/hate lives on via a tool of education.