We instantly checked to see who was "headlining" the event and the six biggest names are: Jack Johnson, the Verve, Raconteurs, Portishead, Kraftwerk, Death Cab for Cutie, Roger Waters, Love and Rockets and My Morning Jacket. It doesn't seem as strong of a line-up compared to last year's line-up: Arcade Fire, Andrew Bird, The Decemberists, Amy Winehouse and of course, Bjork. (And we only named a few.) Is it as exciting? We're thinking, no. But, we were excited to see two local bands come up on the list: Rogue Wave and dredg.

Rogue Wave, an indie-rock band from Oakland, are performing on the first day of the festival, Friday, April 25th. They recently released their third album, "Asleep at Heaven's Gate" on Brushfire Records. (Their first two records were released on Subpop Records.) Zack Rogue, the lead singer and founder of the band, has been featured at Noise Pop 2006 where SFist Emily thought the male-pattern baldness seemed to plague half of the band members. (That sucks.) This doesn't deter these guys from rocking out.

Dredg (officially named "dredg" with a lower-case d) are originally from Los Gatos and have been together since 1996. They officially just came out of hibernation last fall with a performance at Great American Music Hall. (Did anyone go?) It looks like they will have some new music for Coachella.

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