Nature lovers will be peeved.

Under the budget proposed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today - dear God, just how did we get here? starting off a sentence like that? - nine local state parks would face a temporary shutdown until California learns how to balance its checkbook, pay its bills on time, stops disrespecting their mommas on , or something like that.

Statewide, the Gov is considering closing 48 state parks. Among those close to home are Henry W. Coe State Park, Candlestick Point State Recreation Area, Austin Creek State Recreation Area, Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve, Tomales Bay State Park in Inverness, Petaluma-Adobe State Historic Park, Portola-Redwood State Park, Benicia Capitol State Historic Park, and Benicia State Recreation Area. They all face temporary closure if and when the Gov and the Legislature compromise on a spending plan later this year. And overall, that's one out of five state parks, folks. Egads.

One more thing, according to the Gate, "money will be spent for patrols to keep people out of the closed parks." How very creepy.