Well. Newsom will now appoint a permanent replacement for Ed Jew's seat on the Board of Supes (presumably interim District 4 supervisor Carmen Chu is the leading candidate, unless Jennifer Siebel-soon-to-be-hyphenate-Newsom is living by the zoo now and wants something to do on Tuesday and Thursday nights), and that replacement will rule through to the November 08 election. The seat will be up for election, along with the other odd-numbered districts (which were up anyways).

Ron Dudum, for one, has said he's going to re-throw his hat into the ring, claiming that he came in second back in 2006 anyways -- though you may remember that David Latterman, city elections number cruncher, reran the numbers through the ranked-choice voting algorithms and concluded that if Ed Jew's first place votes were tossed out, the excitingly-voweled and suspiciously-fundraised Jaynry Mak actually would have won.

A new LOLJEW by Sweet Melissa (who's got some more Ed Jew analysis of her own you can check out)! Thanks for sending it in!