We knew we'd rope you in with the use of the word porn!

"I didn't know there are so many chocolate places," our husband said as we collectively eyed The Chocolate Guide Western Edition, billed by some as "chocolate porn". Learning can be sooo much fun. This guide easily earns a spot on our lifestyle and travel bookshelves because it covers chocolate based info that Lonely Planet, Zagat, Rick Steves, and other guides miss. The guide's mission is to promote something called a "chocolate lifestyle" which seems to be the consumption of chocolate, and chocolate making accessories. Perhaps the folks making the chocolate -- such as Charles Chocolates, Michael Recchiuti, Joseph Schmidt, Fleur de Cocoa, Wine Country Chocolates and The TeaRoom, are champions of the chocolate lifestyle? The drool worthy suh-weet pics and tidbits make this $15.95 guidebook a treat.