Compelling television's loss is the bargain bin's gain. KRON 4 is up for sale. Again. Amid a "high level of interest," it seems, Young Broadcasting plans on possibly peddling the network to the highest bidder. KRON 4, once the golden child as the Bay Area's NBC affiliate, was sold eight years ago and turned into an independent station. After seeing much of the KRON 4 news team jump ship - like Pete Wilson (RIP), Wendy Tokuda, and wet dream-inducing Ross Palumbo - the place was renovated into the Fox News Corp's MyNetwork TV. Ta-da. (Really, the station could have saved itself if they had planned a local reality show on the lives of crystal meth-infused trannies. We're not kidding.)

Today, it is now known as the station where many of us watch Dr. Phil and his glazed wife, Robin.

But don't take our word for it. Do any of you watch KRON 4? Any favorites? Henry's Garden? Bay Area Backroads? Verbal smackdowns between Jan Wahl and Quentin Tarantino?