Warriors 130 Spurs 121- In a game so big the Warriors brought out their old school jerseys and "PTI's" Michael Wilbon (call us, Mike-- first rounds on us!) and Jessica Alba checked out, the Warriors met up against one of the Big Boys of the NBA and, well, won in a good ole fashioned barn-burner. The Dubs were ahead, led by Baron Davis-- he of the twelve points in the fourth quarter-- only to have the Spurs rally for six points in the final 47 seconds to tie the game. In OT, Stephen Jackson, natch, scored twelve points to lead the way. This ends the Warriors two game losing streak and was their 20th victory of the season.

-Despite previous reports, the Niners did indeed interview Mad Mike Martz. We cannot emphasize how much of a dumbass idea this is. It totally reeks of desperation, just a horrible, horrible fit. In the first place, Martz is pass happy and Nolan has shown every intention of being a grind-it-out on the ground kinda coach. Then there's the fact there's no hint whatsoever that anyone on the Niners offense would work with Martz's offense, and yes, his offense kinda sorta worked with the Lions, but the Lions actually have more offensive talent than do the Niners. And even if the current players can adjust to it, it'll take a year or two before they get the hang of it. That'll be at least one more season of disheartening play. Plus there's the fact he's a bit of an arrogant asshole on a team already led by a bit of an arrogant asshole and it’ll be just one massive ego fight. On KNBR, Ray Ratto was saying how Nolan is kind of manic-depressive--ultra-conservative during parts of the game and then mad crazy gutsy later on, usually at the wrong moment. This would qualify as a completely manic move-- doing something completely out of the realm of smart just because it’s the opposite of what was done before.