An elderly woman was struck by an outbound N-Judah this evening around 5:45 p.m. at 9th Avenue and Irving Street. Over at N-Judah Chronicles, fittingly enough, Greg Dewar was downing a pint at Blackthorn Tavern when the collision occurred.

While having a pint at the Blackthorn Tavern, awaiting the beginning of pub trivia, Bobby, the owner alerted me to a situation just outside the door. It seems that at 5:41 pm (according to sources on the spot) an outbound N-Judah making the potentially hazardous left turn hit and injured a woman who'd had trouble crossing the street. The combination of slick rails owing to the recent rain, combined with the fact that humans, cars and trains have to share a busy intersection have resulted in a needless tragedy.

Safety at 9th Ave and Irving has been an area of concern for some time. Dewar goes on to point out how now that "someone has been hurt, potentially fatally ... we can expect to pay out another big settlement because Mayor Newsom, the Board of Supervisors and the Esteemed MTA would rather talk and talk than do and do."

The unidentified and "severely injured" woman was rushed to San Francisco General Hospital. We will update you with her condition as find out more.

Image credit goes to Greg Dewar. (Check out his Flickr account for more shots of the accident scene.)