As we bid adieu to yet another playoff-less football season, SFist gives thanks for the return of "The Wire" to give them something to feel depressed about on Sundays.

Browns 20 49ers 7- This game had the feel of one of those late September baseball games where both teams have their mind elsewhere and the roster is full of names you've never heard of. Anyways, thus ends another lousy season for the Niners as we head to an off-season full of rumors and intrigue. First up is news that one of the people under Nolan-- Scott McCloughan, the VP of player personnel-- will now have Nolan under him as he will be promoted to GM. Smart move or mere chair moving? Is the answer really someone in the organization? And how long will it be before the entire offensive coaching staff gets fired? Today? Tomorrow? Next Thursday

Chargers 30 Raiders 17- As the Raiders' season was pretty much over, this game was rather meaningless but still rather large as it stands as the first, official, start of JaMarcus. And how was he? Other than one big play to Jerry Porter, he didn't look that hot but he wasn't really allowed to do much during the game But man, he is big. Capital B-I-G, BIG. Watching him dink and dunk all game was like watching some High School student playing a bunch of Middle School kids and trying to take it easy on them.

Regardless, there's one team in the Bay Area that has a good outlook on life these days and the colors ain't scarlet and gold.

Warriors 105 Nuggets 95- The Dubs began their run-through their peers in the Western Conference by getting sweet revenge on Denver for last Friday's loss.