A few of our favorite seasoned artists will release new works, along with new talent on the horizon that we're impatiently anticipating (even some local bands!), so check them out:

1. Sia, Some People Have Real Problems - (Monkey Puzzle Records/Hear Music) 1/8 - Only because we already have the CD and it's everything that we wanted it to be and much, much more. You can see Sia at the Fillmore on 2/18. She's a dynamic performer, plus she's super funny.

2. Madonna - title TBA, May- It's Madonna; we are always up for some new Madonna. Apparently Justin Timberlake collaborated with her on this effort. But he won't say a word about anything; he's afraid for his life.

3. Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend (XL), 1/29- Yes, most of this is being "re-released" but this time it's official. There's various releases on the internet - it seems that the band has released several different versions of their songs. So if you haven't found it on the Internets yet, then wait for the official release. It's worth it.

4. Death Cab For Cutie - title TBA (Atlantic), May- Death Cab for Cutie is one of our favorites. Plans got mixed reviews but we are being optimistic and hoping for something better. They are being rather tight-lipped about their upcoming release. You can watch this video to get a tiny idea of what it's about but if you get bored with that, then head over to their newly designed website. Pretty slick.

5. Kate Nash - Made of Bricks (Fiction), 1/8- We love this British songwriter to pieces. Singing about her trainers and shitty boyfriend in her new single, "Foundations" she instantly becomes witty, sarcastic and purely delightful. She's playing popscene on 1/12 and we've already got our tickets. Check out the remixed version of "Caroline's a Victim."

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