It seems residents of Sausalito can get a free ride during New Year's courtesy of the city. They'll have two vans ferrying people about. How nice. Read all about in the MSM either here or here.

San Francisco's population is about a hundred times bigger, so we ought to have 200 vans zooming around. Wouldn't that be sweet? Then you'd have an option when drivers of illegal limousines offer to take you to Union Square for $40. (Or, for that matter, when licensed San Francisco taxi drivers commit misdemeanors by quoting $20 up front for what would be a seven dollar ride using the meter.)

What's that? Muni is offering free rides in San Francisco on New Year's as well? That's nice and all, but in Sausalito they're going to come right to your house. Now that's hospitality. Just think, we could have the 200 free vans and MUNI working side by side.

Make it so!