Dr. John Brown of San Francisco General Hospital told Good Morning America today that the two survivors in yesterday's tiger attack (which killed one) are "doing well at the present time. They have both gone through their surgeries well. They're both in stable condition."

The two still unnamed tiger attack survivors have suffered from lacerations, large cuts, bite wounds (i.e., puncture wounds) primarily on the head, neck, upper extremities. While the injuries are very severe, they are also very treatable. Dr. Brown went on to tell GMA (twice!) that the male victims also said that they were "grateful for the care they received." (Way to get in a plug in for SFGH, doc!)

Dr. Rochelle Dicker, who also treated the two overnight, made a somewhat chilling statement about how the SFGH emergency room staff was "well trained in treating extreme trauma because of the escalation of street violence this year in San Francisco." (You may have heard something about this.) She went on to say that "it's really important to know as dramatic and important and costly in terms of what happened at the zoo, it's also important to understand that violent injury in this city is so profound. Every single day, young men of this age are actually injured as a result of the violence of our streets." Egads is right. But, yeah. she has a point.

Anyway, the SF Zoo remains closed today to look for more tiger-ravaged bodies out of respect for the victims.