We're sure you've read, by now, Pitchfork's or Paste's, "Best Albums of 2007" lists. Now we could get all "official" and post a similar list to Austinist's Top 15 (which we agree pretty heavily with) but we didn't want to type the same list and publish it again; we're going to try something a bit different.

Now, at Sfist we use the collective and most sacred "we", but this time, this is strictly mine. I invented the list. (Tomorrow, check out what the rest of the Sfist staff picks as their top album of 2007.) It seems that I always have some sort of emotional connection to my favorite music. These artists bring back specific moments and memories from 2007 that might have been forgotten without these incredible albums.

This list covers the artists that I found provocative and interesting throughout 2007. Obviously yours will be different, so let us know what your favorite album of 2007 was. Here's my top 15:

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