We do have to admit to being slightly thrilled that the one big fish in a stream of chum, Roger Clemens, got busted. His career just reeked of steroids and while Barry got nothing but whispers of suspicion and jeering over his post-40 career, Roger got nothing but fawning admiration. Suck on that, Rocket. As for things like the Meaning of It All and Will Baseball Survive? and What Will We Tell the Children? all we can say is whatever. The thing was pointless and shall remain pointless.

Both local nines didn't come out so hot, something that shouldn’t be a surprise considering this place could be considered Ground Zero of steroids. It was Jose Canseco’s Timothy Leary act that turned the baseball world on and BALCO often felt like a wholly owned subsidiary company of the Giants. BALCO got a chapter to itself with a special shout out to Brian Sabean for his "don't look at me" act in which then-trainer Stan Conte realized that Brian didn't have his back, legs, feet, or toes when it came to Barry and his 'roid Boys. The report also says that Peter Magowan told Senator Mitchell that Barry had admitted to doing steroids but only for a short time and only for a few minor physical ailments and they didn't work so, yeah, no.

Anyways, after the jump, the who's who of local players who got busted. We just have to wonder who on the 2000-2002 Giants weren't juiced?