No, not Frank Chu -- although a Gav versus a crazy would be most fascinating, indeed -- Carmen Chu.

Let's back up a bit here: In her first hickory-bold move since taking over for he who shall remain nameless, Chu decided to chip away at the homeless problem in the Sunset. Chu, according to the Examiner, "publicly demanded that several city departments come up with a specific plan to address her west side district’s homeless problem." It seems that the Sunset is all atwitter after the homeless population has increased in their hood, post-Golden Gate Park cleansing. (An eyesore for those of us returning from Union Square, hands full of Burberry and Bloomindale's bags. Way to kill a shopping high, hobos.)

Chu now wants the SFPD and the Human Services Agency "to come up with a Sunset-specific plan to combat the homeless problem." Soon. That is to say, send them elsewhere. But in Chu's defense, we can't blame her for trying to do something regardless of its futility. After all, this comes on the heels of a German exchange student getting stabbed by a mentally-estranged gentlemen in the Outer Sunset who, by chance, was also homeless.

Anyway, Newsom responded that "'[t]here was a homeless problem in the Sunset before we stepped up enforcement in the park.'" The Examiner article also mentions that he said it " was 'naïve' to think that increased efforts in the park would not prompt some homeless to move to other locations." Which? True. He also added that the city has "budgeted for the hiring of additional homeless outreach workers" to focus on the west side. Whether or not said outreach workers get hired is another matter altogether.