"Mean nut" restaurateur Luisa Hanson -- you know, the person more or less responsible for the Barleycorn closure -- had a swift bit of karma hurled at her head last week. It seems that her flagship, whimsically branded Luisa's, was forced to shut its door. Nothing too unusual. Yet.

While initially chalked up to "planned renovations," Eater has the real, juicy, rat-infested scoop as it shutting its doors last Friday. it seems that Luisa's health inspection score totaled a limp 64. While nowhere near a Mrs.Lovett's Pie Shop incident, Luisa's score is, well, pretty down there. Far enough to merit a closure. Yikes. Maybe a visit from one brusque Gordon Ramsey is in order?

Oh, and that you're hearing, dear readers, is the din of unadulterated laughter from Barleycorn fans near and far.

The harrowing details details after the jump.