During a hot pursuit, two men in a stolen Saturn -- a Saturn?! -- went through a red light, crashing into another car and killing two men inside the latter automobile. It seems that stolen vehicle was traveling east on Page Street when fuzz from the SFPD noticed that the car was swiped. Police then went after it, flashing lights and all, which resulted in this morning's fatal crash.

The two suspects are being treated for minor wounds after the were formally arrested. What's more, according to Chronicle, as of 8 a.m. this morning "the Saturn was also still at the scene. Its hood was disconnected and its trunk was slightly ajar, showing a boom box." Hmmm, whatever that means. Aaanyway, the 24-Divisadero "has also been fully restored," according to CBS 5. It appears that the line was at a northbound Haight street stop because of the crash.

Also, if pressed, why would someone steal an American car? Strange.