Let's get this over with.

Last week's pathetic challenge still hung in the air this week with the designers discussing Carmen's exit, and Chris proposing a "Project Runway" fragrance that would be a mixture of tears, sweat, and Chinese food. Can't be any worse than the odors Paris Hilton has been hawking. After some stuff with the models that was a bit confusing and boring, Heidi told the designers Tim was waiting for them in the work room and he wasn't alone. He had a familiar face with him, and she had some old friends with her. Sweet P immediately suspected they'd be designing clothes for senior citizens, which had us pondering just how the clothing needs of the elderly might differ from those of, say, the middle aged. More Velcro? Elastic waist bands? Alas, we may never know, as it turned out Nina Garcia was the familiar face, and she told the designers they were going to incorporate outdated fashion trends into modern apparel.