Japantown's new Sundance Cinemas Kabuki will offer the more discerning moviegoer (i.e.. people who self-consciously laugh out loud during Shakespeare comedies) something, well, more. Curbed SF has the full rundown on the new movie house that's sure to make you feel even that more self-righteous than you already do while braving the choppy waters of independent film. Check it:

Designed by Berkeley-based ELS architects, the renovation of the former AMC Kabuki 8 utilizes post-consumer recycled woods, repurposed metals, locally reclaimed resources, and live bamboo plants. And although they're not LEED accredited, the theater strives to maintain an eco-friendly facility by recycling and composting its waste.

Wow. The place has yet to show its first preview and we're already more annoyed with the audiences there than at the Embarcadero Cinemas. Who knew such a thing was possible?

But on the plus side? "A special over-21 seating area where guests can pair their fine films with fine wines." Getting smashed at le cinéma universel? A special section where teenagers are verboten? To get a buzz, we no longer have to wait until the lights dim to surreptitiously de-tinfoil a brownie and pop it into our mouth? Wonderful! That is exciting news. And we can't wait to see Japantwon become the new it neighborhood. We've always had a soft spot for the area ever since Japantown Bowl closed up shop. Weep, weep.

Also, this could very well be the theater to go to if you don't want to get murdered. Options: it's what America is all about. See you at the movies, kids.

Image credit: Curbed SF