While walking around our neighborhood the other day, we noticed a couple of cop cars outside a residence, with the fuzz scurrying about. Being the nosy, concerned citizens that we are, we immediately went back to our apartment, glanced out the window a couple of times, and scoured the internets for any new news. (Last time we didn't bother to figure out why there were cops around, live grenades were found in a closet of a house three blocks away. Yikes.)

Other than scanning SFGate every two minutes, busybodily standing outside and outright staring (ahem), or checking out the Crime SF and SFist Blotter the next day (insert further blatant self-promotion here) we got to looking for some localized news sites.

We've recently been obsessed with YourStreet, which combines Google maps -- love Google maps. Love -- with networking, neighborhood news, and a neighborhood bulletin board. The site brags about how they go about gathering neighborhood-specific news but we got bored reading about it and plugged in our zip code instead -- a good resource for what's happening today on your block. Sure, it's sitll in the working stages and a wee bit sluggish, but...we like it so far. Plus, we can be warm and toasty (and nosy) inside our apartment this winter with out having to go outside, ever. Ah, sweet agoraphobia. -- Dianne de Guzman