Thanksgiving has always been the holiday we spend with friends more than immediate family. This usually means big veggie meals and sitting around the living room eating on the floor potluck style. Not this year, this year we've made sure our host has a table big enough for all ten people attending and we've asked ahead of time if we can decorate it. To our surprise not only does our host have a nice table, she even has a leaf for it! Yes, now that we are in our thirties we will finally have a somewhat grown up Thanksgiving. Somewhat, because no doubt the night will end in bourbon-fueled debauchery (which as much as our parents drank, we never really witnessed it on T-day's back home.)

But before the night dissolves into a liquor induced stupor, we will sit at the table like the adults do. And it will be a nice table with matching plates, a table cloth, cute name tags, and even a centerpiece we created ourselves. It's not too late to think about making your Thanksgiving day table look pretty: why, we just sewed up some sweet name plates for the table last night. After the jump some of our favorite links for crafty table ideas we've seen over the past few weeks.

Detail from the centerpiece of one of our favorite designers and bloggers, Kayte Terry of Love Forever