So...ugh. Birds died, gastronomic seasons were delayed. What's more, it hasn't even been a week, and already some of your favorite local and national politicos are personalizing the spill, more than ready to point old, spotty white fingers elsewhere. (RIP, acts of God.) How very helpful. Except not really.

Anyway, oil-spill points of interest that happened over the weekend:

-- ^&*#%^&*#!: Crab season delayed.

-- "Something went terribly wrong," obvious'd Senator Barbara Boxer (Can it, Babs.)

-- Coast Guard Adm. Craig Bone (hee!) said that "That is unacceptable,"

-- DiFi freaked out like Cathy trying on a swimsuit.

-- An SFister helped scrub birds, or something like that.

-- The oil spill's path?

-- "It's frustrating," said Bevan Dufty, who was all over the Chronicle this weekend. Speaking of which, the Sal Mineo to Newson's James Dean has been acting as Mayor while Newsom has been out of town. (He's back for the moment kicking it at the warm fuzzy-filled Oracle orgy.) Where's was Newsom this weekend? That's not (necessarily) a loaded question; it's just that we've called both Newsom's and Dufty's office to ask to Gav's whereabouts. Anyone care to clue us in?

- So far, no stellar sightings of b-listers or a-listers up here from LA to volunteer in the cleanup. Strange. Most Hollywood folk are in rerun limbo right now, so it's not like they have anything better to do.