With Chris Daly focusing on the birth of his second child (congrats, Chris and Sarah!), SF Board of Supes prez Aaron Peskin has manfully taken over the essential city function of provoking District 2's Michela Alioto-Pier: today's Matier and Ross column has MAP running crying to City Attorney Dennis Herrera and DA Kamala Harris about Aaron Peskin telling her "payback's a bitch" when she asked why he'd changed his vote on her proposed charter amendment proposal and killed it in committee.

Boo hoo hoo, now MAP won't be able to set qualifications for appointees to the city's Ethics, Elections and Sunshine commissions! MAP claims the supposed payback is because she supported a no vote on Prop A (in vain, since Prop A is currently winning with 55% of the vote). So now, with tacit endorsement by Big Daddy Newsom, MAP is asking someone to look into whether Peskin's response to her is some kind of an ethical violation. Okay, sure, if that's how you're going to play it, MAP, we get why you wrote City Attorney Dennis Herrera a letter about it, but -- why also cc: DA Kamala Harris? Do you want Peskin criminally charged for this? Doesn't Kamala have enough to do, prosecuting your buddy Ed Jew?

Anyhow, Peskin remains unrepentent, telling the Chron that MAP has always been beholden to downtown interests, and adding: "She's a whiny brat, and she has been a whiny brat ever since she arrived at the Board of Supervisors." As to allegations that Newsom's already asked people to look into whether Peskin is threatening people for votes, Peskin claimed he didn't know anything about it. That seemed a good enough response for M&R, who then seamlessly segued their column into a discussion of beavers.

Picture of Peskin at the Yes on A/No on H rally by alwaysupndown, off flickr.