Too real, if you ask us. Election night will soon fall upon the city like a blanket of darkness. But that doesn't mean you should celebrate or grieve alone. Ripping off Inspired by SFBG's Election Night Parties, we present to you SFist's...election night parties. Ta-da.

-- Gavin Newsom's (Victory) Party:

Pros: at the Ferry Building, the thrill of victory, Gavin's form
Cons: at some point you will be snubbed by someone in the society registry, amuse-bouche overkill
Where/When: 8:30 p.m., Ferry Building

-- Mayoral Challenger Quintin Mecke Election Night Party:

Pros: there will be food and some sort of entertainment, Quintin's form
Cons: in the Lower Haight
Where/When: 8 p.m., the Peacock Lounge, 552 Haight Street,

-- Yes on A/No on H / San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Party:

Pros:getting drunk in the name of getting green, or something like that
Cons: possible collective eschewing of antiperspirants/deodorant use
When/where: 8:30 p.m., El Rio, 3158 Mission