After getting bounced last spring by the Detroit Red Wings for another second round playoff collapse, the refrain from the Sharks brass, coaches, and players during the off- and pre-season has been: consistency and resiliency. With twelve games under their belts in this young season, the San Jose Sharks currently sit atop the decidedly mediocre Pacific division, and unfortunately have shown many of the same problems that supposedly led to their playoff exit last year.

Case in point: they've been stomped by the Red Wings in both games they've played so far this year. Sharks fans have been denied a symbolic payback, and the Sharks brass can't be too happy with the way the team played against their Detroit playoff tormenters, either.

The only real consolation so far is that the Sharks have played an NHL-high number of games on the road, and are still a game above .500.

Photo by Jon Swenson of Sharkpage