This photo was taken last Wednesday at Fulton and Masonic around 7pm. You can't possibly imagine how packed this bus was -- people stepping on each other, on each others' laps, holding the ceiling-mounted LED display because there was nowhere else to get a grip, standing in both stairwells, and even sitting on the fare box.

Why was everyone so eager to get on this particular bus? Because they'd been waiting about an hour, and who knows how long they'd have to wait if they didn't take a deep breath and cram onto driver 0932's bus.

Well, actually, they'd only have to wait about 3 minutes. Because 0932 is one of those buncher-uppers you always see -- this particular evening, he was habitually running only a few minutes ahead of the next bus.

But he didn't mention that to the people on the bus -- "hey, there's an empty bus 3 minutes behind me" -- even when an elderly lady limped onto the front step, assisted by a caretaker, and braced herself there on the stairs for the bumpy ride. This would have been an excellent opportunity for him to say, "wait, this isn't safe; you can get on the empty bus behind me and actually sit in a seat."

We know that he was aware of the empty vehicle -- he could see it when he turned around at the end of his route, because that's where we boarded this bus -- but no. Not only did he make everyone wait for an hour, but then he let them pack onto some kind of perverted transit orgy. All aboard the Muni sardine can!

After the jump: in case you care, the text of the complaint that we sent to Muni.