If you may remember, Google first got in trouble when they didn't do one of those cute logo cartoons to Support the Troops. Now they're in some more trouble with conservatives for celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Sputnik by putting a sputnik looking thing on their front page. This is bad because Sputnik was the creation of those Godless commie pink bastards, the Bay Guardian the Soviet Union. Of course, the Soviet Union collapsed due to Ronald Reagan's imploring of them to tear down the wall and is now an ally run by a democratically elected dictator with a habit of poisoning political enemies.

Next up is that conservatives caught them deleting Google ads run by an aide to Maine Senator Susan Collins that were posted on the site to protest bad puns, mainly the General Betray Us thing. The ads suddenly disappeared and conservatives are in full umbrage mood in protesting. For Google's part, they just said there was some problems with that type of ad being run as policy has it that they don't run ads with trademarks and it was nothing personal. As for conservatives, they decided to strike back the only way they know how-- have Sean Hannity go on the attack.

We're sure Sergey and Larry are quaking in their boots as they take money baths in their gold plated bath tubs.