Ha ha, just kidding, heterosexuals can help too! But seriously, they don't want pictures of straight people. The "Shades of LGBTQI" project is looking for donations from the community; they want photographs -- physical or digital -- that have something to do with that ever-growing acronym of faggotry. And don't even try to pass a bunch of straights off as gays -- THEY CAN TELL JUST BY LOOKING.

Any time period is fine, and images of normal daily life are particularly sought-after. Not all will be accepted -- the collection has some very specific criteria. They'll make copies of your pix on the spot, so you get to keep your original photos or DVDs or flash drives. Your donations will belong to the public library, for use in a variety of projects like research and books and films. (So you might want to get the subjects' permission before donating.) Here's where to go, and when:

Sunday, October 14, 2007
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Eureka Valley/Harvey Milk Memorial Branch Library
1 Jose Sarria Court (16th Street just below Market)

Sorry about the short notice! Get cracking, photobugs. And do let us know if your pix get accepted, especially if you're gorgeous and nubile and fraught.