Last week's winner, the deceptive SF Weekly. Letters abound, either outraged by the fake Barry Bonds story or entertained by the elk. Why don't the negative letters have the names of the authors? Are you now questioning all the journalism you read in the Weekly now, or did you just think it was a good joke? Matt Smith says Gavin Newsom is supporting a cult. No, not the cult of Gavin, though no doubt Gavin supports that too. Cover article: a family that's had two kids shot near the Sunnyvale housing project. It's a really interesting story! This weekend alone: Litquake, the Zine Fest, and Tease-O-Rama. It's good to live in SF! Meredith isn't so happy with an appetizer bar; SFist Ced isn't so happy with Meredith! Mercredi, C'est Ravioli will continue!!!! Yay! Recent disaster concerts in the Bay Area -- at least Lady Sovereign and Lauryn Hill showed up, unlike MF Doom. We liked Let's Get Killed's pensive mature tone about the tough times Rogue Wave's gone through, we really did. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, and the Bouncer deconstructs the dive bar.

Next up, oh, let's say the Guardian. Gavin Newsom's interview with the Guardian sounds like it was a train wreck! You can download it here. Will Carmen Chu be a rubber stamp for Newsom? A cute picture of Robert Haaland (not online), and hey, congrats, Guardian writer G-Dub Schulz!! He won an award for his coverage of the Merc News buyout. Dennis Herrera hates barbecues. The problem with enforcing quality-of-life laws. Cover article: Oh shoot, it's the endorsements issue. The Guardian's endorsements issue always reminds us that we have to start paying attention to the upcoming election again. Shoot. We'd even forgotten Question Time is back on! A fake Meg White sex tape? Oh, that's sick. The lady has an anxiety disorder! Nepalese food on Div, and eating the chicken you raised, by L.E. Leone. And we don't think we'd watch this movie, but the title "I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With" is good.

After the jump: the East Bay Express and the San Jose Metro, along with the Weekly of the Week and the YTD count.