-- Some very sad news: former SFist editor, writer, and gem of an all-around guy, Jeremy Nisen, switched addresses for now. Aw. But never fear, you can still catch his brilliance over at Curbed. Yay! [Curbed SF]

-- We get introduced to a new KTVU personality heading to the Bay Area. Because you just can't stop on-air talent. Ever. [Culture Blog]

-- AM shooting in the TL takes the life of teenager. [Examiner]

-- Even with the glaring omission of one Miss Donna McKechnie, Marke B.'s list of the gayest videos ever rules. [SFBG]

-- This just in: SF Weekly hates the Guardian. [The Snitch]

-- Allen Ginsberg's "Howl" gets re-banned. To bad since it's an amazing work. Or so we're told. (Read part of the poem here.) [SFGate]

-- And finally, another 101 shooting. [SJ Merc]

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