At Pine and Divisadero on Wednesday afternoon, a man severely slashed a woman with a box cutter (some reports we saw said she might die, while others said the wounds were not life-threatening); the cops subsequently caught him.

A police officer in Oakland shot a man to death yesterday afternoon at 54th and MLK, where a number of shootings have occurred recently. The officer confronted the man for reasons that they declined to specify to the media, and a fight broke out. After the officer's attempts to taser the suspect didn't work, the suspect reached into his waistband, at which point the officer shot him. The suspect was later found to have a loaded handgun in his possession.

And hey! Remember all those women pretending to live at Stanford when they didn't really? Well, Azia Kim (the girl who pretended to be a freshman and got away with it for almost a whole school year, by sneaking into dorms through open windows and just pretending she always lost her ID card) still hasn't heard from the Santa Clara DA's office, despite Stanford's saying they were going to press charges for trespass. Santa Clara says they're still waiting on paperwork from the Stanford PD. Elizabeth Okasaki, on the other hand, the other squatter who had been living in a Stanford physics building for four years, moved to UCLA and their music library, pretending to be a grad student in the "philosophy of music." UCLA managed to evict her after only four months, in part due to a suspicious administrator who had heard about Okasaki's time at Stanford.

Picture of the Stanford campus by Franco Folini, off flickr.