There's a gym at the Super Mondo Corporation where we work and today there was some big volunteer thing going on with a bunch of kids learning basketball moves. Attending the big goings on was Thunder, the mascot of the Golden State Warriors. Or at least we think it was really the Thunder (who knows if it was really him behind the mask. There could be hundreds of people out there dressed like him to do publicity stuff, like how Krusty once hired Barney to pretend he was him at Kamp Krusty). Now the funny thing is that we happened to notice that right outside of the gym was a limo and standing in front of the limo was the limo driver, just waiting around for what we guessed was Thunder to finish up. So, yes, for those of you wondering, Thunder gets driven around in a limo.

No word if he got into the limo in or out of his costume. We thought about waiting around in the men's locker room to see if he would come up to change but decided not to when we realized that could look kind of creepy.

Reds 4 Giants 2- Oh, Matt Cain, what did you do to deserve this? He lost again last night after giving up only two runs in six innings. One of them, the one that gave him the L, came as a result of first a horrible call by the third base umpire and then a little flair that went off the glove of second baseman Eugenio Velez. With those two runs, his ERA is now up to 3.68 which still puts him in the top 30 in the league for ERA. He has a better ERA than Greg Maddux, Justin Verlander and Chien-Ming Wang. Wang, btw, has 18 wins. Also, batters are only hitting .235 against him, better than, well, a whole hell of a lot of other pitchers. If there's any consololation for the Cainer it's that somebody looked at some numbers and came up with some stat called "Worst Records by Pitchers Who Are That Unhittable" and he's ranked fifth, right below such notables as Nolan Ryan and Walter Johnson. Pretty good company, there. Pretty, pretty, pretty good. So cheer up, Matt, anytime you get to be in the same company as Ryan and the Big Train your in good company.