We've gotten word that everyone's favorite tough guy, Board of Supes Prez Aaron Peskin has made it official that he's not going to be running for the State Senate, declining to get in the middle of the Mark "Tanned Ambition" Leno and Carole "That car came outta nowhere!" Migden fight. In fact, Peskin's now saying he's getting out of politics altogether after his term ends on the Board (later this next year [Sorry! We've been watching so many presidential debates we briefly thought it was already 2008.])

You may remember Peskin had originally been rumored to be thinking about running to split Leno's support and give Migden a boost in the race -- so does this mean Peskin now thinks Migden can do it by herself now? Or is Peskin copacetic with Leno now? Or is Peskin maybe just burned out from having to referee all the fights at the Board of Supes for the last three years? Can't blame him for any of those options, really.

We'll miss ya, Aaron! You're totally the best. (We still totally love Peskin for jumping to our defense during that whole byorngate brouhaha earlier this year.)

Picture of Peskin by campaignphotographersformatt.