Next up, the SF Weekly: Matt Smith mocking the frivolity of San Francisco political concerns. The nudist mayoral candidate (sorry, Spotswood, not Gavin). Cover article: something's not quite right about the City Attorney's new anti-gang legal strategies. The woman who co-created the Daily Show is coming to town today. Avenue Q review, it's arch. Hey, why'd they give away of the Donkey Kong documentary??? Was that really necessary?? (We're still going to see it, though.) Tossing the Rasputin Manifesto insert. Meredith Brody mocks that New York Times article (reg. req'd, but no need to actually read the piece) about how it's (gasp) okay for ladies to (gasp) like steak. SFist Ced calls it the surf and turf. Hey, when's Sonic Reducer Kimberly Chun starting at the Weekly? And we liked the idea of the Mad Libs Lucky 13 review, but it was kind of hard to read.

After the jump, the Bay Guardian and the SJ Metro, along with the Weekly of the Week and the YTD tally.

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