Well, first and most importantly! -- SFist MattyMatt's started a new job so he's been pretty busy at work and hasn't had time to post lately, for all folks asking about him in the SFist Tips column!. But he's still here, we promise! We miss him too! (Meanwhile, you guys can always check out his personal blog.)

And second of all -- goodness, what a terrible day on the commutes. It's like when the sun, the moon, and a bunch of other planets all line up in a syzygy: all K, L, and Ms got stuck due to inbound line damage in the West Portal tunnel on MUNI, and a train went out of service at 24th Street on the BART. Nightmare.

On the bright side, we managed to use all the transit tie-ups as an excuse for our late arrival at work today (we didn't get stuck in the mess, we just woke up late). How was your ride in? Maybe SFist MattyMatt will get a break at work and can give us the zingy in the comments!

Current status: BART up and running again; MUNI to come back within an hour or two.