They settled the Alameda County garbage strike lockout! After a nine-hour mediation, Oakland mayor Ron Dellums announced late yesterday night that all the parties had managed to resolve the four-week dispute. No one can disclose the details, but the union will vote on whether to accept the proposal this Saturday. If the union approves the deal, regular garbage pickup could resume as early as Monday. Meanwhile, the Chron, giving us all the news from the animal perspective, reports that a woman is suing the garbage company for making her dog sick when he ate trash they hadn't picked up.

There was another murder in San Francisco overnight. At around 12:10 a.m. this morning, a man was shot at 12th and Market, after two men got in a fight with three guys. One of the three guys fired, and then they all fled the scene. From the animal perspective, the Chron reports in the same story that a pit bull was shot to death a few hours later.

And (ooh, the third entry's always the hardest one): The Chron's consumer columnist David Lazarus writes his last column -- he's going to the LA Times. (He's also careful to say that he was not fired.) Um.., animal connection, animal connection. Um... Lazarus's last column is an interview with Ralph Nader, whom he describes as a media watchDOG. Good luck in LA, Mr. Lazarus!

Picture of Oakland garbage from CBS 5.