Last Sunday, San had walked a mile from her home in East San Jose at 6 a.m. to catch the bus to her job as a janitor at a doughnut shop in Palo Alto when two men described as "transients" jumped her, beat and raped her, and then stabbed her to death. Many of San's relatives had been killed in Cambodia, and San herself had escaped from a forced labor camp before becoming an undocumented immigrant to America. (You should definitely read the article; San had an incredible life.)

Both suspects are in custody and will appear in court on August 8. The DA has asked for the file to be sealed, either because of an ongoing investigation, or because the details of the crime are so bad, they don't want to taint their jury pool.

If you want to donate money for San's funeral, the San Jose Police Officers' Assocation is accepting checks: write "San" on the memo line and send it to 1151 North Fourth Street, San Jose CA 95112.