-- Poll: Should MUNI's 15-Third line rise from the dead? (Hint: Yes) [Examiner]

-- San Francisco sheriff deputies accuse Sheriff Michael Hennessey of gender discrimination. [BAR]

-- Father won't be charged with the death of his 11-month-old son. [Chron]

-- Bonds calls out Costas' severe Munchkin-ness. [NFL Scores]

-- SFPD officer hurt while directing traffic. Ouch. [KGO, KRON]

-- Arf: another coyote dies in Golden Gate Park. [KPIX]

-- Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums wishes for garbage workers to return on Monday. Good luck with that. [KRON]

-- Bad day to be on Bay Area roads. [SFist]

-- Dow goes down. [Chron, via AP]

MUNI bus image: Ian Fuller