Is anyone else's power going out every five to ten minutes today? Annoying. So far we have reports from One Market, Harrison/Fourth Street, UCSF Mission/Bay, parts of the Financial District -- the general downtown/SOMA area. What's more, we (and, most likely, you) have already lost several documents. Jesus Christ, make it stop.

Really now.

UPDATE: sites like Craigslist, Live Journal (ONTD!), VOX, and Yelp are temporarily down due to either thes power outages or punchy alcoholism -- linking them seems futile at the moment -- claim several of our dear readers. Thanks for the info, guys!

"30-50k" are sans electricity in San Francisco, and PG&E is all, "Wha? Huh?" Read about it here.

UPDATE II: Power restored. Aforementioned sites went down, it seems, due to one guy's charmingly drunk behavior. (Also, hee!)